Licorice Caramels (1 lb. tub)

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8 reviews for Licorice Caramels (1 lb. tub)

  1. Katie

    Before I married and moved, when I lived in Idaho, my mom used to by these and “keep them in her purse.” I say that loosely, because with how DELICIOUS they are, the longest they lasted was until we got home! Lol. I am pregnant and have been craving these and was so pleased (bouncing up and down cheering “YAY!” Like a little kid.) to find out that you could order them off line! Ordering me a big ol’ container of these!

  2. Marty Hanson (verified owner)

    I am now a customer for life! I bought a tub of the licorice caramels and a tub of the sea salt caramels. Holy Mackerel! A taste bud explosion! 5 star Yum Factor. I’ll be back!

  3. Adam

    I bought the licorice caramels in Beaver Utah at the Cache Valley Cheese (Dairy Farmers of America) and they are soooooo good, I had to stop again and get them on the way back through. A tub will be ordered! Thank you!

  4. David Greenberg (verified owner)

    BEWARE! BEWARE! There is a serious problem with this candy. It is addictive. Do NOT order this unless you are prepared to start a new life of continuous need.

  5. Cliff Foster

    For those of you pining your life away remembering the wonderful Callard & Bowser Licorice Toffees, look no further.
    Mrs. Call’s delivers the same delicate licorice deliciousness.
    This is the common elevated to the sublime; should be “By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen!
    Oh my! I think I’m in Heaven!

  6. sharon

    These are the MOST delicious things you will EVER put in your mouth. Super soft.. buttery .. and the perfect licorice flavor ! *wistful sigh* … They should come with a warning though. Beware.. highly addictive! 5 stars is not enough.. I give them a 15 star minimum !!

  7. Amy (verified owner)

    These are so good! I don’t love black licorice & I usually only like caramel if it’s enrobed in chocolate, but I think the licorice/caramel combo turns these into an addictive substance. You can even taste the butter in these things, it’s like heaven in your mouth.

  8. Edward

    Discovered these at a small gas station in Reno, curiosity nothing more. That was a mistake. I instantly fell deeply in love and forget where I found them.
    Rediscovered yesterday and now can’t forget. Better still I’ve found the web site, and now i can try their other candies. But these are going to remain my favorites.

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