Vanilla Cream Caramels (1 lb. tub)

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10 reviews for Vanilla Cream Caramels (1 lb. tub)

  1. Kathlyn Paxton (verified owner)

    These carmels are heaven! Every flavor is fantastic. The vanilla carmels are the best you can find, period. Werther’s are a very poor substitute.

  2. Denise R Corneil (verified owner)

    I started buying these caramels at a retail store but found I couldn’t buy them fast enough. Between my husband and myself, we just couldn’t keep them in the shelf so I started buying them by the pound. They’re still disappearing but I don’t have to make as many trips to the store. Love them.

  3. Sandra Dixon

    These are the best! I have been buying these at a store. Do you know approximately how many is in one of their one pound containers? These would be a great Christmas gift..

  4. Nancy kowalak

    If you want to know what Heaven is like, then order the vanilla Carmel’s! The only problem you have is to stop eating them after you have eaten a pound! They disappear way to fast so double your order and hide them!

  5. Sarah H

    This is the best candy I’ve ever had… Amazing!

  6. Ted Pendlebury

    Sampled these at a trade show – best carmels I’ve ever had.

  7. Jina M

    My husband and I found these at a little shop in Artesia NM. They were wonderful!!

  8. Robert D

    I just purchased these Vanilla Cream’s once again at Joan’s Fabric store for $1 each piece, and even though the price was high the taste, flavor and deliciousness can’t be beat. I have never had such a great Carmel candy anywhere! And I am 65 years old and have had a lot of candy in my days.

  9. Zorana T

    I picked up a handful of these delectable little treats at a local grocery store. I’ve tried the licorice, vanilla cream, and the sea salt caramels. All of these are absolutely, mouth-watering delicious! I will be ordering them by the pound!

  10. David Thompson (verified owner)

    These are the best plain Caramels I have ever had. For my taste the only thing better is their pecan and sea salt caramels. I am reordering every flavor today.

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